Stress Relief

More than 90% of all illnesses and disease is believed to be stress-related, and because reflexology encourages the body to relax, many functions benefit.

Energy Flow

Tension tightens spinal muscles, resulting in pain and restriction of energy flow in the whole body. Reflexology works on this nervous system tension to increase energy flow.


Blood vessels also relax during Reflexology, reducing vascular constriction and allowing circulation to flow freely.

Toxin Release

Increased circulation moves the necessary oxygen and nutrients to all body tissues and organs, which then release toxins from the body.


Dates Back To
3000 A.D.
Originating from China

Modern refloxology was developed by Dr. William Fitzgerald in 1917.

In 1917, Dr. William Fitzgerald, an ear, nose and throat specialist and author of Zone Therapy, divided the body into 10 equal longitudinal zones, with five zones on each side of the body. The head has ten zones and they run down to each finger and toe. Dr. Fitzgerald discovered that if he put pressure on the tips of each finger with clamps or elastic bands around the top of each finger, this pressure would have an anesthetic affect on the nerves of the corresponding body part. An organ or gland found in a specific zone mapped to its reflex in the corresponding zone of the foot. Take a look at the foot map to the left for more information.

Foot & Hand Reflexology plus Cold Laser


Feet: 45 Mins.

Hands: 25 Mins.


45 minute Foot Reflexology session, 25 minute Hand Reflexology session and Cold Laser session.

Hot Stone Reflexology plus Hand Reflexology


Hot Stone: 75 Mins.

Hands: 20 Mins.


75 minute Hot Stone Reflexology session and 20 minute Hand Reflexology session.

Foot & Hand Reflexology plus Detox Foot Bath


Feet & Bath: 30 Mins. each

Hands: 25 Mins.


30 minute Foot Reflexology session, 25 minute Hand Reflexology session and 30 minute Aqua Chi Detox Foot Bath.

Reiki Session


60 Minute Session


60 minute Reiki session. Contact me for class information.

Aqua Chi Detox Foot Bath


30 Minute Session


Enjoy a 30 minute detox foot bath to pull toxins out of your body.

Nutrition Services


Call for Pricing & Details


Providing Muscle Testing, Standard Process Products, 21-Day Cleanse, and Hemp Oil Complex.

"Barbarah is quite knowledgeable and capable in several nutritional and healing modalities and is a very good instructor. She takes the time to make sure her clients are comfortable and satisfied with her work. Barbarah was my foot Reflexology Instructor in 2006 and we have remained good friends since. Barbarah would make an excellent practitioner in any field, as she usually excels at any endeavor that she chooses. Thank you!"

- Elizabeth H.

Reflexology Student

"Barbarah Coleman is an authentic and warm loving person. This is my experience, and I have watched her interact with others in the same way. She is an asset in this world and I am sure through the next step in her life she will touch many who will benefit, grow and heal their own lives. Through my Reflexology experience with Barbarah I felt as if I had a Full Body Massage with Gentleness and Love, I so needed it."

- Donna B.

Reflexology Client

"I started reflexology in response to a cranky gall bladder; three years later I do not have any symptoms and continue regular sessions as a part of my preventative health routine. I recommend Barbarah to my own clients and promote reflexology to my colleagues in the hospital where I work as an alternative to opioids for pain relief. It's an excellent holistic value for the money and time!"

- Pam T.

Doctor of Acupuncture

"I found Barbarah online after I was suffering with nervous system damage due to severe Epstein Barr virus. Barbarah is so helpful and sweet, she has given me thougthful advise on many topics including health, nutrition, and relationships :) I always look forward to our appointments! My circulation, stress, scar tissue, and general health have all improved immensely since I started seeing her. She is an amazing healer, I highly recommender her!"

- Kellie F.

Reflexology Client